Junior tennis tournaments in Kanto areas.




There are many junior tournaments in Japan and you can enter even if you are not a member of the tennis academy in Japan. Just apply one month ago and pay by credit card.

Supojin (スポ人)  https://www.spojin.com/
Beginners or players who want to have more experience in games.
Possible to entry without registering with the Japanese tennis association
but you need to register Spojin web site.
A player can play 2 or 3 games .
League match( 4 games match) and ranking match (1 set)
warm-up: 2 serves for each side
cost: $35 - 45

JOP      http://www.jop-tennis.com/J/
Advanced level.
You have to register your name and name of tennis academy but you also canregister as a oversea member. Most tournaments have to entry a month in advance.
Kanto Konin tournaments are often listed on JOP site so you have to
have a Kanto Konin membership number to register those games.

warm-up: 2 serves for each side.
cost: $35 - 45

Kanto Konin 関東公認 https://www.kanto-tennis.com/junior.htm
These are official tournaments and you have to be a member of tennis
academy , junior high school, or hight school in Japan to entry.
Please ask about those tournaments to your academy coach or school
tennis coach.

I will try to explain how to entry  Supojin and JOP tournaments next time.



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